Iron Cleaning Pads ...

Oust Iron Cleaning Pads have been specially formulated to remove unwanted residue from your iron’s soleplate which is sometimes caused by the scorching of fabric or ironing over printed designs, fabrics with finishes such as starches and fabric conditioners. The pads do not contain any harsh or abrasive chemicals and are quick
and easy to use, leaving your iron soleplate clean and your clothes mark free. Oust Iron Cleaning Pads leave a fine layer of silicone on the soleplate which helps the iron glide over fabric and therefore speed up ironing.

  • 3 pads available

How To Use:

  • Check manufacturer’s cleaning instructions before using Oust Iron Cleaning Pads. This product is for use on iron soleplates ONLY. Make sure your iron is unplugged and cold throughout the cleaning process!

    1. Remove a pad from the packet (cut where marked to open clip-lock) and use the textured side to remove any residue build-up from iron soleplate.
    2. Now use the smooth side of the pad to polish the soleplate.
    3. If iron is very dirty, repeat steps 1 and 2 if desired.

    Let your iron dry before plugging back in. Make sure you close the pack properly by using the clip-lock, and dispose of the pad in a suitable way. Use the pads regularly to
    prevent residue build-up.

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