Don't underestimate limescale!


  • Limescale is formed when we heat hard water. In the UK there is a lot of hard water areas, resulting from rain water passing trough calciferous rocks where it is enriched with calcium carbonate.


  • It has a negative effect on all your small appliances, resulting in expensive maintenance, repair costs and reducing their efficiency, increasing the amount of energy they need.

Facts about Limescale


  • It will cover your Kettle with a nasty sediment and creates scum on your cup of tea.
  • It builds up on washing machine drums, so even more mineral deposits will be present in the wash damaging the garments of your clothes and shorten its life.
  • Your steam iron can spit nasty brown residue onto your freshly washed clothes.


  • It affects most in hard water areas, where you must Oust your appliances every 3 months, but also in soft water ones, where it is advisable to do it every 6 months.