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The best way to descale your Nespresso, De’Longhi or Tassimo machine

Aaah coffee… what would you do without its hot and comforting presence? If your coffee machine is your most-loved appliance and you can’t imagine life without coffee, don’t let limescale become your worst nightmare! Coffee machines need to be descaled frequently to prevent damaging them and, more importantly, so you can continue to enjoy your favourite drink.

But how exactly does limescale affect your coffee maker? Mineral scale build-up prevents the water from reaching a high enough temperature to extract the full flavour of your coffee, so you won’t be able to enjoy it at its best. It can even block the flow of water, causing the device to stop working altogether. Limescale has no mercy for neither the best coffee nor the best machine!

Luckily, getting rid of the calcium deposits and limescale is easier than you think! Just remember your best friend and coffee provider from time to time and follow a few simple steps. So let’s get started, why wait any longer to find out how real coffee tastes!

How to descale your coffee maker

Before you start the descaling process you need to choose a specific product. Our “All Purpose Descaler” gives you fantastic results! Unlike natural descalers, like white vinegar, for example, using an specific descaler will take you only 20 minutes to get your Tassimo, De’Longhi or Nespresso machine ready to prepare you a hot, delicious coffee. So, let’s go!

  1. Turn off your coffee maker.
  2. Rinse the water tank and fill it with halfway with water.
  3. Pour the descaling solution into the water and put the water tank back in the machine.
  4. The following steps will depend on the type of machine you have: if your Nespresso has a descaling mode, just start the programme and the machine will do the rest. If not, keep reading!
  5. Turn the coffee maker on and allow around half of the solution to filter through.
  6. Turn it off, wait about 10 minutes and then switch it on again so that the remainder of the solution filters through.
  7. Turn the machine off again. Take out the water tank, rinse it and fill it up with clean water.
  8. Prepare a few cups with no coffee, just to rinse out the system.
  9. And you’re done!

And now that you have a brand-new coffee maker, don’t forget to pamper it until the next descaling! You can use bottled water if you find that limescale is building up quickly in your appliance. And, above all, make sure your coffee maker is always spick-and-span: as well as limescale, coffee residue also builds up, which will give your favourite drink a bitter taste. Not what you’d want, is it?

So what are you waiting for? If you want to discover the true taste of coffee, get your Oust “All Purpose Descaler" and your machine will return you the favour (with flavour). You’ve already seen how easy it is!