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All Purpose Descaler

Powerful limescale formulation removes up to 100% limescale from small household appliances 

Specially formulated to work quickly and easily to restore small household appliances to their best in just 6 minutes.*

  • Removes tough limescale
  • Results in just 6 minutes!
  • Helps prolong appliance life and restore good as new shine to appliances.
  • 3 treatment sachets suitable for kettles, irons, coffee machines and shower heads

It is important to descale appliances every 3 months in hard water areas and every 6 months in soft water areas.

*8 minutes for stubborn stains 

Kettles: (Check manufacturer’s instructions before use)

  1. Half fill kettle with water and boil (do not overfill). Unplug and place in empty sink. Slowly add contents of sachet. Leave for 6 minutes. Use 2 sachets for heavy scale.
  2. If any limescale remains, reheat solution until it fizzes (DO NOT boil as this may cause overflow).
  3. Pour solution away, rinse kettle with cold water, boil again with clean water and rinse once more.

Click here for a video

Steam Irons: (Check manufacturer’s instructions before use as some irons may not be suitable for treatment)

  1. Heat iron until it is hand hot and then unplug (ensure iron is switched OFF during descaling). Empty contents of sachet into a jug and pour into iron's water chamber. Top up with water and set to steam position (but DO NOT turn iron on).
  2. Place iron in an empty plastic bowl with the warm plate facing down. Shake gently until solution starts to drain through steam holes. Leaver for 6 minutes (or until empty). If iron has a spray button, briefly pump any remaining solution through.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with cold water, drain and dry. To sensure solution is completely cleaned from iron, briefly iron a spare piece of fabric before using.

Coffee Makers:

  1. Half fill water reservoir with water and add contents of sachet.
  2. Switch machine on and allow about half of the solution to filter through before switching off.
  3. After 6 minutes switch machine on to filter through remainder of solution, before runnng the mahcine thwough twice with clean water.

Shower Heads:

  1. Detatch shower head, sprinkler nozzle and place in a jug.
  2. Empty contants of 1 sachet into jug and ad how water to cover sprinkler holes. Leave for 6 minutes.
  3. Pour solution away, rinse well with clean water and reassemble shower head.

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