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The most important small appliances to descale

Hard water, calcium and magnesium, limescale deposits… you know what we’re talking about. If you live in a hard water area, you’ve certainly experienced the consequences in your daily life.

Let’s be clear: preventing the effects of hard water is important, but so is removing limescale when it has already taken hold of your small appliances! We want to maintain their efficiency and make them last longer. But where are the hotspots for these annoying deposits?

Here’s a list of the most important appliances to descale. Ready?

Small kitchen appliances to descale

Attention, please. Important info coming up! The kitchen is a bit of a trouble spot. It needs a lot of cleaning and is also where you’ll find most of the devices that need descaling.

Baby steriliser. Babies come first! Remember to descale your steam steriliser to avoid including calcium carbonate in your baby’s meals. You can use Oust “All Purpose Descaler” just like you would with a kettle. The instructions are on the packaging but you can also read them here.

Kettle. The star of our homes. The main target of hard water. We’re sure you use your kettle more than once a day, so remember to repeat the descaling process every three months. Don’t let your kettle give up the ghost, or serve up cups of tea with nasty sediment included.

Dishwasher. If you’re not keen on washing up by hand and you use your dishwasher regularly, you can take care of it by using a specific product  for it. Our dishwasher and washing machine cleaner will remove even the toughest limescale. It’s an all-in-one product that deep cleans as well as descales!

Coffee machine. Coffee drinker? If so, here’s what you need to keep an eye on. Don’t let laziness take over! It’ll take you only ten minutes every three months to keep your coffee tasting like the best in town!

Other domestic appliances to watch out for

And on we go! Outside the kitchen you have two main appliances that will need descaling:

Steam iron. A classic. When taken over by limescale, every ironing session will ruin your clothes, leaving a nasty brown residue. If also affects the efficiency of the iron. Descaling your steam iron is super easy. You can start here.

Washing machine. Continuing with clothes care, it is important to descale your washing machine regularly, on a normal wash cycle. Eliminate mineral deposits and your clothes will look and smell better than ever!

Extra: limescale targets more than small appliances

Finally, the bathroom also deserves some TLC. Those limescale stains will be pretty visible on the taps, shower head and in the toilet. It’s important to remove these stains not only for aesthetical reasons, but also for to prevent their deterioration. 

The Oust “Smart Brush” is sure to impress. It removes thick limescale in one application, in just 5 minutes. And taaadaaa! You’ve got a shiny new bathroom.

Remember: with a great appliance comes great responsibility. So it’s time to take it on!