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All Purpose Descaler 500ml

Oust All Purpose descaler powerful formula is ideal for use in small household appliances and surfaces. 

All Purpose Descaler 500ml

Oust All Purpose descaler is specially formulated to work quickly and easily to restore most small household appliances and surfaces to their best.

  • Removes tough limescale
  • Multi use liquid treatment with active-citric-acid.
  • Ideal for surfaces and small household appliances
  • Results in minutes!
  • Helps prolong appliance life and restore good as new shine to appliances.

Coffee Machine:

Mix 100ml of OUST Descaler with 200ml of water and pour the mixture into the water tank. Turn device on and let 50ml of the mixture run through, turn off and wait 15-30 min. Afterwards, let the remaining liquid run through and repeat process two times with clear water.

Fully Automatic Coffee Machine:

Fill water tank: add 50 ml of OUST Descaler to every 1L of water. Start descaling program in accord with the usage instructions

Water Kettles/Boilers:

Fill Kettle half full with water and boil water. Turn off, and add 100-150 ml OUST Descaler to the hot (not boiling) water, leave in for 30-60 min. Rinse with water. Repeat Process whenever necessary

Taps and Surfaces:

Apply OUST Descaler with a wet towel, allow to act for a short time, rinse off with water. In order to intensify the shine, rub dry.
Consider manufacturer’s cleaning and descaling recommendations

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