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Myths and facts about natural kettle descalers

Limescale, that old, unbeloved friend of those who live in hard water areas! It mercilessly takes over your kettle and, if you don’t descale it from time to time, you’ll have to buy another one sooner than you expected. What a waste!

But maybe it’s not something you worry about. Let’s suppose you’re someone who takes care of their small appliances but… with natural descalers! Or maybe you’re just starting to think about it. Doesn’t matter.  

The point is that there’s a lot of talk about using homemade descalers like white vinegar or lemon, even lots of myths that most people think are truths so... let’s clear up some doubts!

Myths about homemade kettle descalers

  • Lemon and vinegar solutions are a quick way to descale your kettle. ❌ If you want to descale your kettle properly, you’d have to learn how to descale it with vinegar or lemon, mix the ingredients and let them work for hours inside your kettle. With specific descalers it would only take you a few minutes. Easy peasy!
  • Coca-Cola is great for descaling. ❌ Sounds like a bad idea! Coca-Cola is not an effective descaler and, depending on the type of kettle, can even damage it: its acidity is not compatible with metal or enamel kettles.
  • Baking soda is the best solution. ❌ Yes, it’s a solution in the same way that you can use a paper scissors to cut your nails. However, a nail clipper is probably a wiser choice. And baking soda is definitely not the best solution, because specific descalers are much more effective in keeping small appliances looking and working like new.

Facts about homemade kettle descalers

  • By descaling your kettle with a natural descaler, you’ll need multiple boilings to get rid of the after taste.  ✅
  • Citric acid descalers might work for a while, but they don’t take care of your kettle. Descalers, like Oust, are specially formulated to take care of your small appliances, so that they last longer. ✅
  • When choosing a descaler you need to be well aware that, depending on the material of your kettle, some of these natural options contain very strong acids that will ruin your small appliances. ✅

Have you ever thought about all of this? How many of these myths and facts did you know before reading this article?

Now you can check our products and choose which is best for you! Don’t forget to look after your morning companion. If your kettle had feelings it would appreciate it for sure!